We tell the 鶹AV’s story -- promoting our impact, building community, elevating our brand, sharing expertise and inspiring and empowering diverse audiences to be partners in 鶹AV’s journey.

Creative Design Services

We design and execute campaigns, social content, graphic content, and communicator resources that speak to a target audience and support departmental goals. We are also responsible for building a strong and consistent brand identity through its look, voice, and messaging that in turn creates and supports our brand champions.

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Social Media

We manage the overarching university social media channels including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. We work collaboratively with UCM teams and university units to promote externally focused digital content related to department and university goals, engage with various audiences and organizations within the social media space, curate original social first content, and help to build and maintain brand affinity and awareness.

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鶹AV News

We tell high-impact stories that show why the 鶹AV is a leader in higher education. We feature groundbreaking research, fascinating faculty and students, and other significant stories.

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Media Relations

We work with the media regarding university-related stories, both on the local and national level. This includes drafting, editing and distributing press releases; responding to inquiries and requests for experts, public records, statements, etc.; pitching appropriate research and institutional stories; working on issues management and crisis communication efforts; and providing media relations support and guidance to colleges/units as needed.

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Executive Communications

We promote the strategic vision and outreach activities of the 鶹AV president, to help raise visibility for the office and the university, ensuring key messages/initiatives reach target audiences and advance 鶹AV’s goals.

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We handle the administration and strategy for both the university-wide web content management system (CMS) and My鶹AV/My鶹AV Mobile. This includes:

  • Accessibility compliance
  • Standard and custom template development, maintenance, and implementation
  • Audience targeting
  • Digital campaign support
  • End-user training and support
  • Website migrations
  • Liaisons with key stakeholders
  • Partnering with vendors where appropriate

We also provide support for internal communications, UCM marketing initiatives, domain management, and governance for MarCom technology in conjunction with Information Technology.

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