Travel & Accounts Payable


Procurement Services and Payment Services have successfully merged into Procurement and Payment Services (PPS).

The mission of Procurement and Payment Services is to support the University of South Florida in achieving its goals by providing strategic procurement solutions and quality, efficient and cost-effective services in a professional, courteous, and service-oriented manner.  We strive to accomplish this in collaboration with our internal and external partners while acting in accordance with applicable Federal regulations, Florida State statutes, and Board of Governors and 鶹AV policies and regulations.

To achieve our mission, we envision ourselves as a strategic partner for every unit of the 鶹AV, delivering innovative and customer-focused procurement and payment solutions that create value and support the university's goals. We aim to be a leader in our field, embracing best practices, technology, collaboration, and professional development.

Payment Services is responsible for supplier file maintenance, transaction processing and disbursement of AP and Travel obligations, document imaging of AP and PCard transactions, and related compliance controls and systems administration.

Payment Services is comprised of four departments: Accounts Payable, Supplier Management, Travel, and Support Services. For further information on each, including user guidance and resources, see the links on the left side of this page.

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